Message from Director

BLS Institute of Technology Management is one of the respected and reputed Institutes of Higher Education in Delhi NCR. Besides following the courses and curriculum of the affiliating university we further ensure that the students who pass out have all the necessary inputs and skills as professionals as per the needs of the industry and society at the moment, following the mission and vision prescribed and the law of the land. For this, Distinguished Lectures, Arbitration Competitions, Moot Courts, Parliament visits, Police Station-Courts & Jail visits, Legal Awareness Camps, In-House Seminars, Interesting Publications, Participation of students and faculty members in Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Faculty Development Programs, National Moot Court Competitions, Academic Research Papers Presentations by faculty and students, Projects, Summer Training and Industrial visits of students and faculty members for exposure, Management and Executive Development Programs, Earn while you learn schemes, Television Channel- Radio Stations and Press visits, Cultural programs, Educational tours & Recreational activities and sufficient breathing spaces in the campus are continuously improvised. Nation gets guidance from her men of letters, men of sciences, poets and artists, discoverers and inventors etc. These intellectual crusaders and pioneers of her civilization and culture are to be trained and produced in the universities, which are the cradle and sanctuaries of the intrinsic life of the nation.

Dr.Narinder Sharma
BLS Institute of Technology Management