Mission Vision

Top College in DELHI-NCR Haryana


BLS Institute of Technology Management aims to be one of the best twenty five institutes of professional education in the National Capital Region of India. We aim to produce successful, socially responsible and accountable professionals. Our goal is to provide secular, humane, modern and job oriented education and training to the young brains and to ensure that after passing out from the Institution, they prove themselves to be good human beings and successful individuals in life with happiness. We wish to ascertain that the products of BLSITM become assets to the organization they serve and of national life in future.


To achieve the aforesaid mission we have established residential green campus with modern amenities and facilities, Administrative Blocks, Well equipped Classrooms, Multipurpose Halls, Common Rooms, Libraries, Media Center , Radio and Photo Studio, IT Labs, Psychology Lab, ICT Resource Center, Moot Court, Legal Aid Clinic, Placement Cell, Personality Enhancement and Development Laboratories, Hostels, Cafeteria, Dining Halls, Gymnasium, Medical Facilities, Yoga Club, Play Grounds& Sports facilities and appropriate transportation facility, Professional Security of the Campus to ensure the manifold development of the personality of the students, staff and faculty members ensuring their pro-active involvement in the corporate life of the Institute.


Providing professional education to facilitate challenging careers
Providing exposure to
- Prevailing Business ethos
- Demands of Indian Business Environment
- The Conceptual and Analytical Foundation of Modern Management
* Creating a comprehensive understanding of International Business environment
* Developing Strategies for operating in a competitive global economy
* Developing managerial expertise to face the challenges in real life situations with a global vision and understanding.
* Inculcating attitude and commitment to social, ethical and legal business practices and effective corporate governance.
* Installing a sense of discipline and integrity.
* Undertaking Management Development Programs(MDP), Project Work, Training and Consultancy Services in Management Fields for solving operational problems and improving managerial decision making in business and Non-business organisations.
* Broadening the network of relationships both within and outside the organization by breaking away from tradition and moving towards modernity.
* Gaining excellence in business education across the country